Monday, October 15, 2007

Mode: Tech Nerd

Taking a break from work! Finally able to upload photos, yayness.

I'm beginning to become less and less of a tech idiot. I think. Maybe it's because I'm learning of all these new technology in school currently.

Anyway, I try to stay updated instead of being ignorant. It's beginning to affect how I go about researching for gadgets.

See, I am thinking of getting a new phone.

A few weeks ago I would have prioritised style. Recently, however, I began putting in other things into consideration, such as a 3G/3.5G and WiFi connectivity feature, whether it allows memory expansion, whether it comes with stereo headphones, mp3 player/FM radio.

Not that that was all that mattered, the phone's form factor still plays an integral part.

I've only looked at Nokia phones and so far these are the winners:

Nokia E65
In sexy red and with a soft leather-like back. Slider form factor is also very appealing.
It's a business phone so music playability isn't important hence the mono headset though.

Nokia 6120
It is so ordinary-looking, but it is packed with awesome features.
Plus the silver is actually really nice, and has a reflective mirror effect because it's so shiny.

Nokia 7900 Prism
This one looks like a toy in real life and I'll probably have a hard time using the keypad, but strangely enough I like it.

In the Nokia N95 and iPhone battle, it's obvious that the N95 is far superior in terms of features and user-friendliness and hence a better investment. Knowing all that, somehow the iPhone and its sleek interface still seduces me so.

*Sigh* Such is the contradiction of the style-obsessed girl in me who strives to be technologically hip.

And to be technologically hip I frequently read all of these tech sites:


Shiny Shiny

Chip Chick
Gadget 4 Girls

Ok so I lied a little, I frequent the first two only, the rest I visit when I remember. But they're all great tech blogs with a girly touch, except for CNET Asia of course. Update yourself, it's the 3G generation, yo.


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