Friday, October 19, 2007

More Classic Monograms

Just a couple more classic monogram Louis Vuitton bags.


I didn't like the Ellipse initially, but after looking at the ad with Uma Thurman in it I'm thinking it's really not bad.

An earlier version of the ellipse, I don't know where I got this photo from though.


Just about the most adorable slingbag EVER. I'm considering getting a sling bag instead simply because they're practical for those constantly on-the-go. Plus it's such a youthful selection.
[Source: eLuxury]


I was thinking of getting the Speedy 40 instead of the 30 because, well, I like my bags big.

But from what I've read on forums a lot of people advised against getting the Speedy 40 because it looks awkward on a person. They suggested the keepall with strap instead. And I'm thinking I really like the smallest keepall in the series, 45.
[Source: eLuxury]

I'm not superficial, just very self-indulgent :).


A registered mail came in today and no one was home to take it. So now I'm left wondering what the hell did I get because I honestly do not remember what I bought recently.
I am finally on Facebook. I'll probably get bored of it in a week like I always do, but I have to admit, so far it's damn entertaining.

I'm now a vampire, a werewolf, a zombie AND a slayer and I still don't know what they're suppose to do -_-.

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