Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Wear File: Balenciaga emulation

Unknowingly I emulated Balenciaga when I went for a nice high tea session over the weekend.

Aubergine purple Larry Gwen blazer, Mucus green velour flower print [sorry for the imagery], green cargo capris, Patent pink kitten heels from Charles and Keith [though I did switch the heels for flats just because I felt like it].

The real Balenciaga:
Not bad eh? No wonder my current love for Balenciaga.

More pictures of me because I'm prrreeeetttttyyy. Haw haw.

I'm not an accessories person at all I realise, but if there's one accessory that I always seem to reach out for, that would be for hoops. Like the gold ones I'm wearing in the picture above. The bigger the hoops, the better, I'll always say.

Goofy yes I know. But that's the bag I carried.
Hot pink leather, I totally love.


emigre said...

Love the color palette you've put together!

MissLala said...

Hi! I liked your combination of colours.Very Spring don't you think-hues of pink and purple-loud yet subtle-haha..such an oxymoron. But nevermind,continue clashing interesting colours k?

Moi said...

Awwww you're so adorable! you should definitely take more pics of yourself :)