Thursday, March 29, 2007

Steve Madden Ballet Flats

Ok, I feel more normal because I feel my shopper's zeal is back. Despite me still being broke -_-.

Vogue featured these Picara ballet flats by Steve Madden and now I feel like buying a pair of ballet flats myself.

I realise I feel most comfortable and most, for lack of a better word, "myself", in ballet flats.

Actually I don't even think its comfort matters; I can wear sneakers or slippers even yet feel so wrong but put me in a pair of too small pinchy flats and I'd feel perfect.

Anyway, I'm thinking I love the pale pink ballet flats above but I can't even afford to think about the price [USD$99.95 *eep*] so I'm going hunting for much wallet-friendly ones, yay! I have a reason to live!

I also want pretty flowy skirts! But I think that's another entry altogether :)

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