Thursday, March 22, 2007

River Island Fashion Show

At the Cleo's Final Bachelor's Party, since River Island was an event sponsor, of course they had to force have some sort of River Island fashion show into the programme.

I've not been to River Island, which opened its first Singapore outlet in Vivocity, but I heard it's just a slightly more expensive version of Topshop or Forever 21.

I don't know whether it's because my attention was more focused on the guys [Bachelor party, HELLO] but I liked the guy's collection more than the girl's.

Which basically consist of typical outfits hoping to pass off as spectacular by distracting with a bunch of crazy hosiery.

I do love this look though.
Actually I think what I really love is the pair of luxe rich brown boots.

Right, the bachelors. I especially love the cardigan ensembles on the guys:

Yeah, they were workin' the cardigan.

The other looks that I liked:

My favourite of the lot would have to be this though:

Bad-ass leather jacket paired with preppy checkered pants. Very cool British.

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