Thursday, March 15, 2007

Wear File: Driving School

Sheesh, I'm taking photos of myself for no occasion at all! Like yesterday when I went down to the driving centre for my basic theory lesson.

I knew I wanted to wear my Abercrombie and Fitch tshirt. I don't know/care if it's authentic, but it was damn cheap and it fits very comfortably [If you live in Singapore then email me I'll tell you where!].

I also wanted to give my Martina Pink skirt some airtime. I got the skirt at a flea market, by the way, at such a good deal.

But eventually I didn't feel like wearing a skirt. And I figured that since I'm taking both basic lessons in a day, it's going to get quite chilly so I'll probably need a thicker cardigan. Good call, it rained in the evening.

Yeah yeah, very creative combo not. I'm only going to driving school :p.
I still felt the pink though, so I accessories pink-ly.

Cute Disney necklace my best friend got from Beijing, [that's also a handphone strap thing, but I screwed that part so it no longer holds phones -_-] and my favourite $1 pink headband.

This was what I wore today to take my practice tests:

Rock Star top, Grey Gauchos, Black hoodie from Giordano.

This time I wanted to wear my Rock Star tshirt that I forgot I had.

Yes, I am holding my stomach in the whole time I'm taking photos x_x.

My green bag from Dorothy Perkins is what I carry around all the time these days.
I'm hoping my cute furry heart black pumps would offset the whole rocker chick thing going on, heh.


MissLala said... seems that yr gauchos are long too...just like mine!!i tot it makes me look short-therefore i didnt wear it!but since u wore it and i looks ok,then i be brave!Haha.

shophappy said...

I love that pink skirt!!