Monday, March 26, 2007

Wear File: Steamboat + Fashion show I never went to

Apologies for the lack of updates, been quite busy and a little tired out at the moment.

Anyway, my outfits seem to be the only thing I'm blogging about nowadays -_-.

I was suppose to go to a Dorothy Perkins and Miss Selfridge fashion show but we were late so we abandoned it.

But anyway I wanted to bring out my Dorothy Perkins clutch, so I pretty much centred the rest of the outfit to the clutch. That was the plan really, but my outfit turned out neutral so whatever will match I guess.

Grey sweater from Forever 21, Black slip with pretty lace at the hem, Yellow clutch from Dorothy Perkins

I was going to have steamboat so I had to wear fat-days loose clothing. I ended up wearing this batwing top.

Striped billowy top from Taiwan, Skinny jeans that still do not fit from online, Wedges.

I feel so fun in it. Wheeee.

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I love your site!

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