Monday, March 12, 2007

Fall '07 Wrap Up: Favourite Collections Paris

1) Christian Dior

There's just one word to describe this collection: Gorgeous. The collection has this old 40's glamour feel to it that I love.

I am also loving the platform footwear.

2) Louis Vuitton

It seems Marc Jacobs is really adamant about sleek lines, as he brought it out in the opening pieces.


I would kill for the headgear, and the very pretty tie-dye pieces.

3) Elie Saab

I love this collection because of the very flowy dresses amidst the rigidity of other several other collections.

The cocktail dresses are cute and flirty yet glamorous at the same time, the way it should be.

The jewel tones rock as well.

4) Miu Miu

This was an interesting collection. The pieces are not blatantly cute, but they are still youthful.

What appeals to me is the various material used. There's tweed, leather, and chiffon. Mix-match my materials? Pssh hell no.

5) Balenciaga

Thank you because blazers are not dead! I love blazers, and mine still remain as wardrobe staples.

Pockets in pretty cocktail dresses are still in vogue, it seems. Perfectly fine by me.

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