Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Wear File: Virgin Club Wear

I was invited to Cleo magazine's Bachelor's Party at a club last friday. Which means it's also my first experience in a club. Actually come to think of it I did go to a club in Malaysia, but that was with family so it doesn't count.

Naturally, first thing that comes to mind: what to wear?!

The initial idea was to wear this:

Favourite wardrobe love Grey oversized sweater from Miss Selfridge, Satin Purply pink Nightie, Black stirrups, Silver snakeskin embossed [very] high heels.

My highest pair of heels so far. Got it for very cheap, $20. Yay-ness.

I was also planning to carry my mustard yellow clutch from Dorothy Perkins.

However, because my driver's theory evaluation test is on the same day, I decided to wear more comfortable things that I feel lucky in.

Hence I traded the heels in for my everyday Crocs Prima. Traded the clutch for something roomier as well.

So I was quite worried because while it is my first club experience, I do know that heels is mandatory in club gear.

But my fears were sort of assuaged because in the queue I saw some in jean shorts and *gasp* SLIPPERS.

Heeeeeeey, fellow Crocs Prima user.

Should I be worried?


Moi said...

Love the pink nightie with the grey sweater and your little cleavage peaking out of the sweater! That's so ingenious, I must steal the idea, hehe :D

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