Thursday, March 15, 2007

H&M, Meet Singapore.

Swedish clothing chain H&M opens in Hong Kong! Unbelievable.

Hundreds of trendy Hong Kong-ers queued for 24 hours outside H&M before its grand opening, which was last Saturday. H&M even brought forward for two weeks the launch of its M collection designed by Madonna just for the opening. Phwoar.

The branch is H&M's first expansion into Asia, with Shanghai and Tokyo being their next shop targets.

I think their refusal to step foot in Singapore is just baffling. I read somewhere before that the reason is because the market here is not big enough, though that never stopped the likes of Topshop, Mango or Forever21. These brand names even proceeded to set up more retail outlets all over the island.

And if there's one thing I know about Singaporeans, we're always hungry for more brand names, more so if they're an affordable range that H&M is well-known for.

Meh, all the more reason for me to go Hong Kong.

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