Sunday, December 16, 2007

Rings are the new Hoops?

When it comes to accessorising, well, I don't. The most I'll go is a pair of hoop earrings and I'm off.

But maybe I should be less lazy and get a ring. And since I'd still be lazy, I'll probably invest in one statement ring that I'd wear over again.

[Source: Urban Outfitters.]
I love the stripey details at the side, and the gemstone does not overwhelm.

Forever21 has some nice rings as well.
A modern-looking ring. When I see this ring I think 'art snobs' for some reason. Hmm.
I've always like the vintagey asian flavour jade/gold combo.
Another nice alternative to the atypical gemstone ring, a wooden one.

Go watch Golden Compass! The action sequences are amazing and I don't know why some people said it was draggy. The only thing that frustrates me was that there will be a sequel and no review I've read mentioned that. I hate it when movies have second parts. I like it a lot nonetheless.

Are there no bad movies anymore?!!!

I want to get designer bags, gimme my pay already!

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ambika said...

I'm loving the look of *all* big rings these days. These are all so tempting.