Monday, December 03, 2007

Beautiful iPod Come Back!

My beautiful iPod is now covered in a disgusting silicone casing.

I freaked out when I thought I found a scratch on it and there was absolutely no decent protective case suitable for an iPod Classic. Why the hell are there so many iPod nano casings but none for the iPod Classic?! Hello shouldn't the mere inclusion of "classic" mean something?!

So yes, desperate I got the ugly silicone cover that will at least protect it from scratches and such and now I feel like I'm holding an extra protective unsellable hot pink condom -___-.

I finally found some decent iPod cases from gerbera designs though.

Anyone out there who knows where I can get any kind of good casings in Singapore, do tell!
I know I could get them at iPod online, but you know, cheaper alternative, heh :).

I feel the desperate need to impress :( or at least be more useful.
I brought work home, I'm just hoping it'll turn out fruitful.

I also seriously need to curb my spending.

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