Saturday, December 08, 2007

More Cool than Sexy: The Deep V Tee.

I love these deep V neck tshirts from favourite online pervsite UrbanOutfitters.

I can't even decide which one I like best.

Cupcakes! Can't bake 'em, but at least I can wear them.

Cobras on electric blue? Cool.

Spiderwebs because spiders are gorgeous.

Sakura aka cherry blossoms are pretty.

Kissy kissy. A little pop art appeals anytime.
Speaking of pop, I finally bought January's issue of Nylon! It rocks that my workplace is near Ann Siang road, which is so far the only place I know that has Nylon.
I miss magazines.

In other news, I am screwed because my driving test is very very very near and I foolishly cancelled today's final lesson because I woke up late and tired. And then I found out a lot of the remaining dates and times are allocated to work. I'm screwed screwed screwed. Screwed.

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