Saturday, December 01, 2007

Who's a happy bunny?!

Me, me, me!!!

This week has been pretty laidback, the entire office is soo much more calmer and for the first time since I'm there, some of my colleagues are leaving earlier than me! Cool. Then I got stuff!

Perfect wayfarers that do not fall off my nose/rest on my cheeks!

I think I should really go and get the book now.

And bestest best of all...

It looks even better than I imagined.
I've just about uploaded my whole iTune playlist into it and I still have A LOT of space.

Now I'm just looking for a decent casing. It's ridiculous how tough they are to find online.


Anonymous said...

Any idea how to purchase from Fredflare?

Sha said...

I usually order through someone else.

Um, besides I'm sure you can find all the information from the website itself?