Thursday, December 13, 2007

Looking Toasty


I thought I could get better by now, but apparently not. The weather has been so miserable and cold and the perfect brew for a flu.

Anyway, I just feel like wrapping layers of scarves and other winter-ish junk all over me right now.

These winter-ish accessory pieces from UrbanOutfitters look so darn, uh, thermally covetable.

Painter's beret, I have :) Minus the weird-looking sparkly thing.
I'll probably don this tomorrow.
Comfy loose beanie, I really like.

Based on past experiences with the headband this is so going to annoy me, but hey it's pretty, hence.

And then the scarves:

Aah, the hoodie scarf. Favourites rolled into one.

Weird thought, but I hope tomorrow's another cold day so I can dress myself toasty.

Bed now, the only reason I'm still awake is because I'm waiting for my iPod to recharge.

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