Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Importance of Looking Important


Why the Motorola Q9H?

1) Its spokesbunny is this adorable character my friends and I kind of collect on MSN Messenger.

It's real name is Tuzki but we call it Phoebe after our equally ditzy friend :P :P.

Also one of the icons has an Happy Birthday on it, which is very apt because my birthday is approaching very, very near.

What? I'm just shameless like that.

2) It comes with 3.5G connectivity which means I can surf the net, check emails, instant message, and best of all, I could BLOG.

The Motorola Q9H would be perfect for me now especially since I've been griping about not being able to blog because I can't be connected. It would give me something to do on the train too, my old-school Gameboy just don't cut it for me anymore. Besides I don't think I can stand another day of facing other bored-looking people.

Speaking of entertainment, it can also play music and videos on dual stereo speakers. Dual stereo speakers do take the experience to another level.

I'm not quite sure how the office functions would come useful to me, but I suppose they could be helpful in the future.

3) Most importantly, of course, it has form.

Despite its width, it still retains this sleek look. When it comes to gadgets, I've come to the conclusion that the best colour to have them in would be black and red.

And this baby comes in beautiful black.

I like that it's not of the typical phone shape. Blackberry-styled with QWERTY keypad and colour wide screen, it would no doubt make me look really important, heh.

Then I can play Puzzle Bobble on it and still look important and busy, a good distinction from the rest of the crowd :).

Off to bed, tomorrow is a Monday and we all know what that means for me T_T.

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