Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I, for one, am Enchanted.

Watch Enchanted!

Just when you think fairy-tale movies can't get any fresher Enchanted comes along. It's a feel-good movie with subtle jokes and even subtler adult references make this a great movie for everyone to watch.

A great movie that had me memorise the costume designer's name becomes a fashionably great movie. Mona May is the costume designer by the way.

Gorgeous turquoise blue frock with delicate details.
As if the gorgeous costumes weren't reason enough, you should really watch how Giselle [Amy Adams] makes the dresses. Hilarious.

The same dress but with a pretty paper umbrella accessory.

This was the most perfect feminine and flirty day dress that stopped at the knees, too bad I couldn't find a full photo of it.
It's a kind of dress you'd want to picnic in, but you never will because it's too pretty to be blemished.

A more modern aubergine "real world" slinky dress.
I love that it's not expectedly modern black.

Comic relief comes in a strangely charming package of Prince Edward. James Marsden aka Cyclops of X-Men is hilariously entertaining every step of the way. The human form way at least. He can sing as well, awesome.

I don't know why but suddenly I'm paying attention to make-up detailing. Susan Sarandon's eye make-up is the gorgeousness and I like that crown thingy on her head as well.

For the purposes of this movie post, I also caught Beowulf.

I don't quite like it.
Watch if you want to see Angelina Jolie almost naked in animated form *yawns*.

*Off to cut out dress shapes from bedsheet*

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