Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Threadless Holiday Sale

Threadless $10 holiday sale is back!

My favourite designs, as usual. It's good that there are no Threadless sprees so far because I can't choose to get anyway.

"Teddy Band"
Cute and rock 'n' roll, two of my favourite things yeeeaaaah.

"Movies: Ruining the Book Since 1920"
I agree totally yet I can't stop going to the movies, hmm.

"International Translation"
Just about the only shirt you could ever need in a foreign country.
I wonder why I'd need a caterpillar bitten leaf when I'm in Japan though.

"Music Snob"
Hilarious. This is the perfect shirt for pop slaves everywhere.

"Queen of Paradise"
For something a little more ethereal yet quirky. Queens of paradise all evolve from psychedelic goats, you didn't know?

Too many choices, how does one decide?

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