Saturday, November 10, 2007

Hello Much-needed Weekend Getaway!

But I reallllyyyy need to blog! It's been a while.

Things for you to do because my boring blog is not entertaining enough.

1) Watch Stardust!

I caught the midnight movie yesterday - godsend considering the fact that I stayed until 10pm at work! !@#$% - and I loved it. Even if you think fantasy movies are bullshit because they all seem to ride on the popularity of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings [eg. me], you should just catch this one anyway.

Because! Robert De Niro was extremely hilarious! Claire Danes was gorgeous, the actor who played male lead Tristan was dorkishly cute, and Michelle Pfeiffer [spelling?] was good as a villain. Is it just me or does pfeiffer seem to be getting a lot of evil roles recently?

The outfits were only mildly captivating. Actually I could only remember a certain clingy silver dress and a royal blue gown.

The graphics were, as expected, mind-blowing. Subtly funny, and I could take the not-too-overbearing heroics.

2) Shop at FredFlare!

Heh. Cause I'm definitely having fun now looking at all the quirks offered.

Align Center

Project runway champ, Jay McCaroll's bowling bag!

A book on how to make soft toys, waay cute.

Because kittens are waaaaay more fashionable. Hmph.

Googly Eye rings, uh, yeah! -_-

Bye gotta pack! Whee!

I love my girlfriends!
Have not met my school ones though, it's tough to set a proper date because ALL of us have overtime and not getting paid for it. Girlsss! Steamboat dinner!


Amanda said...

Those eye rings look so funny!

Sha said...

Aren't they! So quirky-ly simple too :)