Saturday, November 24, 2007

The iPod Classic has Bought Me.

Woo alright, feels like ages since I last blogged. Busy, busy week, as always. My birthday thingies are such nice affairs spent with the people I love and I took a tiny break from work :). I'll try to post up photos asap -_-.

Meanwhile I have been trying to catch Threadless sprees! So far since the last post, there has been at least one spree that opens everyday, and I've been missing every single one of them! Boo. By the time I do manage to catch one, I get the feeling sizes would have run out.

ANYWAY. I am getting myself an iPod.

Yes, I have finally been sucked into the dark side that is the iPod legion.

But I can't help myself, iPod rules. I used to think of it as nothing but a mere fashion fad. As a gadget, I thought other mp3 players were bound to knock it off it's throne.

But it has remained formidable and Apple has even shamelessly called the original iPod the iPod classic. And you know what, I am buying it. The iPod classic is truly a classic.

Too sleek and stylish.

The latest version has such a large space capacity of either 80GB or 160GB, talk about endless music and video entertainment!

And if I order it online, I can engrave the back of my stylish iPod! Coolness.

I'm already spending my pay, I mean allowance [-_-] before I even get it! Gah. I should really take care of my LV bag fund first but I cannot stand another day in the train with other bored commuters without a stylish gadget.

Of course, I would love to have the iPod Touch as well. Just the fact that everything is touch-screen is sexy as hell. I mean, you pinch photos to zoom!


Sorry Creative, I tried to love you, I really did.

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