Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Life Thus Far

Hellloooo blog! I'm always tempted to blog whenever I'm at work, but of course because I'm paranoid I don't. Work is also paranoia when you panic thinking your boss has added you on Facebook. It's was just another person with the same first name and similar last names, go figure.

I overtime everyday, so even when I do get home I'm too tired to blog. Darn it because I have a lot to blog about.

Hey look, I have a bit of life after all.

F21 Vest, cheap singlet, grey gauchos, 2 layers of warm scarves. Workplace is extremely cold.

Uhh yeaaah I know this is such an annoying posey shot but I had a lot to talk about and less time to direct outfit photo shots. The rest of the photos involve various narcisstic angles so for your benefit I'd leave it at that. They are really cute though, are you sure you don't care..... Fine.

Here's where I go a little nuts with headgear.

Me wants FEDORA! I stole this off my friend for a couple of photos and ended up wearing it for a couple of days -__-. Think she was annoyed but she loves me so.

Fedora love and paddle POP!

Dorky helmet artistic shot!


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