Sunday, April 30, 2006

Yahoo!SG auctions - Cheap finds

I was doing some good 'ol online window shopping at Yahoo auctions and deciding to celebrate my being a full-fledged cheapskate, began to look for great buys below $5.

First was the dresses. Who knew there were many dresses going for a DOLLAR? phwoar. They weren't lookers, I'll admit. But they can be awesome basic pieces for layering and crazy accessorizing. A belt here, a skirt over, a nice jacket, a shirt underneath, scarves here and there, brooches, possibilities are endless. Here's a few.

GS D12 - Casual Khaki Spag Dress
Creamy Yellow Dress
Schoolgirl Dress
BNWOT Rock Star grunge chick mini dress

Then there were those that were just crazy.

A black blazer starts bidding at a dollar
Green Corduroy Overalls
Freaky bug necklace
Madonna-like body suit!!! Now that's really crazy!

Nothing like a good auction, eh?

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