Thursday, April 27, 2006

Dang cute Straps!

So says, makers of pretty guitar straps. And they really are dang cute!

I am getting more obsessed with looking good playing the guitar rather than the ability itself. Hey, I need a break from 3 straight days of countless strumming and tender fingers too, don't I? [I know I'm only pacifying myself so shut up.]

Back to the glamour then.

The covergirl is carrying a Valley Girl guitar strap. It's a patterned strap of your choice with added tulles! Like a tutu! How darling!

The straps come in a lot of pattern and these are just the few that I love.

Whimsical rainbow stripes.

A lil' bit of Victorian vintage...

Good 'ol lace...

Hot pink polka dots!

For the sweetheart in me. teeeeheeeeeee.

Besides guitar straps they also have awesome belts, wide headbands, scarves, and other accessories that I'm not interested in!

Not cheap though - cheapest cost a hefty USD$35. Might as well anyway since they don't ship anywhere outside the US.

Perhaps I can attempt DIY. All you really need is a guitar strap, fabric and some glue. Right?

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