Saturday, April 29, 2006

Graphic Tee-Shirts

Yesterday when I went shopping top on my priority list is... A GOOD TSHIRT. Because I realise I don't have one and EVERYONE no matter what your style is needs a good tshirt.

It's the basic for the glam wardrobe but very helpful, useful, and comfortable. Dress them up - blazer and heels, or dress them down - over denim with braces for those lazy days where you still want to look... statemental [is that even a word? well it should in any case.].

As I was saying, I was looking for a good t-shirt and I saw a couple I like. I didn't get any because I wanted to look some more. And because I also spent my tshirt money on something which is not a tshirt. Hee.

Anyway, tshirts! My first stop was Mango. I don't usually like tshirts from Mango because most of the time they're... just... not nice/flattering. Plus the fact that you know somebody else on the exact same streets that you're walking on has the same shirt [IT girl shirt, anyone].

But this particular shirt is very very, here it comes, CUTE.

It's a PANDA, playing a GUITAR, with the words "Music is my FRIEND" splashed across the chest. Classic. Heh.

But, of course, what I covet would be very pricey tshirts by Junk Food. I love their perfectly vintage-on-purpose shirts.

Last time I checked I wanted a particular 'The Beatles' shirt that had this design...

But then I saw this.

A pink Blondie tshirt! I love Blondie! I can already imagine myself in it singing "one way or another i'm gonna getcha, i'm gonna getcha getcha getcha..." over and over again annoying the crap out of everyone!

Saw this from but I shall go back to Queen's Couture at The Heeren to check if they stock this first.

A more affordable alternative can be found in Forever21.

I don't know how to print screen on my laptop so I took ugly photos with my camera phone.

They have better graphic tees though.

The shirts really do look better on their website.

I'm too tired now. Browse these other worthy tshirt sites yourself.

Other tshirt sites: Threadless,, KarmaLoop, HotTopic.

Or you can go to ebay or yahoo auctions. I once saw a way cool darn cheap Pat Benatar tour Tshirt that I stupidly let slip.

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