Saturday, April 29, 2006

Home Steam Facial

I feel so fresh because I've just done a DIY Home Steam Facial! Hence the title. After pestering my mom to bring me to a facial she told me try it out first at home because the procedure's more or less the same.

So guided by my mother's home facial wisdom I attempted it.

1) Cleanse. Wash it with your normal brand of facial cleanser to prepare the face for the facial.

2) Exfoliate. Exfoliate the face to remove further superficial impurities. Usually I would spend a good 5 minutes exfoliating while massaging but because I'm afraid I'll tenderize the face I did a quick exfoliate.

3) Steam. Pour hot water into a bowl. Just a bit will do, don't have to fill the bowl to the brim. Lower the face at a suitable level that doesn't scorch the face, duh. Use a towel to 'tent' over the face so that the steam won't escape and go right to the face. Close the eyes, relax, take deep breaths. Stay there for about 5 minutes, or when the nose feels clogged from water vapour.

Before you lift your head up I suggest you lick your lips a bit. Sexy lusciousness no lip product has ever achieved, I promise.

4) Extract. My mother says you can squeeze your pimples out or extract blackheads now that your pores are wide open. I skipped this step completely because I'm too afraid of damaging the face further.

5) Mask. Use a good mask to, uh, further the home spa experience I guess.

6) Tone. My mother says not necessary but I think it is to get the last traces of mask off.

7) Ice it. Take a solid cube of ice and run it all over the face. Tingly coolness is suppose to close off all pores that you have opened.

8) Moisturise. My favourite step because my moisturiser literally glides on the skin. Mine is the cream-type you see, so applying it normally is not always very smooth. But it was this time and you can feel it's goodness seep into the skin.

You're suppose to do this on a monthly ritual but it feels so good that I'll be tempted to do it again before next month. Inexpensive, fuss-free, supple skin - and you go for similar facials because...?

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