Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Colour Grey

I love the colour grey hence the feature.

There are a lot of grey on the catwalk for Fall '06, and about time too. Grey is such an underrated colour.

Let's start of with the obvious way of wearing grey: All-over.

Vera Wang

An otherwise boring suit instantly freshened by the simple use of a bubble skirt.

That's the way to do it really, isn't it? If you HAVE to be boring, use either contrasting materials, colours or in this case unexpectable design. It'll immediately adds twist.

Then we move on to the most easiest and versatile way to wear grey. The sweater cardigan.

Adam + Eve

A. F. Vandevorst


Very spring isn't it? No, I am not talking about the see-through nipples, I'm referring to the use of a white floral dress underneath a grey cardigan.
Which proves that grey doesn't have to be a rainy day colour.

Next would be the look that I would very much like to own, but thanks to Miss Selfridge restocking, I am unable to and since then has not found another perfect one *grumble*.

Behold, The Pullover.

I know that by now you're probably sick of seeing the same sweater but bear with me. Like you have a choice :P.

Looky, similar design as the one from Akris' Fall '06 line, right down to the long wristlet.

Grey sweaters look great as long as the neck area isn't restricting. That means no round necks, more droopy casual or at least a plunge.

3.1 Phillip Lim

A. F. Vandevorst Fall '06

And then there were the dresses.

Adam + Eve

Marc by Marc Jacobs

I love this casual lux dress.


Who says grey is drab? This Versace is too glamourous.

The colour grey is like putty with other colours - which means to say it works well with every colour. Don't we all appreciate that?

Vivienne Westwood Fall '06

Pastels work surprisingly well with grey. I like the grunge sweetie-pie effect.

Vivienne Westwood Fall '06

Could never exclude the red, of course.

United Bamboo

Quirky adorable, I like.

Alexander Herchcovitch

Metallic satin grey with tropical green, interesting.

Planned your grey outfits already?

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