Saturday, April 22, 2006

Go Preppy

I could've done this post last night but I was trying to be photoshop creative and make a collage of clothes that make a preppy look.

So far I've made only one, and I'm too impatient to make more[you try cropping items out of runway photos] which is why I'll stick to my usual style of copy and pasting and then telling you how much I love it.

When I think preppy, I think the Polo tee. When I think Polo tees, I think Lacoste, Ralph Lauren and they are exactly the ones I turn to for prep fashion inspiration, or as I like to call it, fashinspiration! Hyuk.


Lacoste Fall '06

I think we're all more than familiar with the vest over polo look, but how's about using a vest dress instead for a bit of feminine twist?
Of course, if layering over a polo tee, avoid having buttons on the dress. It is ironically clashing to have a continuity of buttons from under to over.

Tommy Hilfiger Spring '06

Layer a polo tee underneath the shirt and let the collar go over the shirt's collar and voila, pretty prep.
To go all girl, pair this with cute ballet flats or do sporty with sneakers.

Lacoste Spring '06

I would pick up tennis again just so I could wear this. It's so... happy. The print, the colour, and oh, the adorable socks and sneakers.
I've never actually envisioned myself in kawaii-jap socks. Hm.

Tommy Hilfiger Spring '06

Prep to work. Except I'd probably wear the shirt and cardigan with a skirt like this one by Veronique Branquinho, an ultra-cool Vivienne Westwood fedora, and pearls. Or in this case a spiffy square-edged Lacoste tie...

I couldn't resist and got photoshop crazy and created this.

Good eh? Both the result[minus the tights] and my photoshopping skills :).

There was a particular look that I am very in, ahem, love with.

Tommy Hilfiger Spring '06
A collared dress over the sweater! Genius. I prefer the first more casual otherwise slouchy if not for the fluid skirt brit student look.

I can already imagine myself walking in these. Well, not barefooted at least. Since I worship ballet flats I'll wear them with my coveted...

If I could have any polo logo I would probably pick Lacoste as opposed to Ralph Lauren horse logo. Crocodiles are way cuter.

We all know I cannot afford high-branded polo tees so for now I'll stick to Giordano and Hang Ten.