Thursday, August 16, 2007

Vivi: Shoes

Another Vivi magazine installment!

They love their shoes!

It was obvious that this month's shoe spotlight belongs to the booties. There were more pages dedicated to them. I still don't like booties, but the ones they featured looked bearable. Or at least the models wearing the booties looked good.

I wouldn't mind owning the oxford booties which really actually just looked like oxfords with heels. They are the bottom pair on the left side of the page: click to enlarge [though a little blur, didn't seem that blur when I took the photo]

Yeah, well, I'm thinking my mother is wrong and that I do not have enough shoes.

Hilarious korean variety shows are taking up the bulk of my time :)
I'm beginning to watch korean dramas as well; it's crazy that my uncle watches them -__-.