Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Green-liness is Party party!

YAAAYY!!!! FREEDOM! Yesterday I slept for more than 12 hours! Which should be heavenly, but it really isn't all that. I woke up lethargic and unhappy because I missed breakfast AND lunch -___-.

Right, back to things you care about, updates! That I hope will be more frequent now that I have nothing to do for a whole month ^_^.

Right right, overdued post!

Birthdays!!! Party party!

I wore this to my best friend's whom apparently I know nothing about birthday party :P [I love your brown heels sweets :)]. The theme was lime green. I love themes! They're FUN!

The pictures that I have are ugly so I'll wait for nicer ones to come my way.

It's kinda strange that I don't take pictures of myself, so I'll self-cam more!

I was doing photoshop work for one of my projects so on one of my many self-given breaks I decided to be all arty farty.

My lime green-liness:

I call this piece, "Unfinished Finish".


fyi: the most proper shot i.e. the last one was taken by my mum because obviously I cannot self-cam for nuts.
But hey, it makes for a good art piece. Almost. Yeah.

Excuse the un-pedicured toes.
It's sick that I'm slowly getting used to exposing my un-pedicured toes. NOOOOO.

Other best friend's party! No theme but ok la, quite fun :P :P. Wore green again!

There were quite a lot of cameras around so I didn't take a lot of pictures myself. Still waiting for them to come my way [hint hint helloooo...]. I should wait for those photos but I really can't so here's a photo where you can at least see part of the dress.

Yea I know, my head looks gigantic.
I love the dress but the shoes killed it for me.
I wanted to wear sandals but I lost them -_-. As a last resort and because my friend was rushing me I wore whatever was near the door.

Our present was far from roadkill though.
Hope you love the killer heels that are super gorgeous that are from your two most cherished friends that you should totally treat :P :P!!!

I got home at 6 the next morning and in a daze of exhaustion I remembered to take a photo of the pretty chiffon dress - AFTER I took it off.

Jumbled mess of a dress. Oh well.

Pretty material and print though.

Whee! Already typed out half of the next post! *cartwheels*
Do my emoticons annoy you? It's beginning to annoy me o_O

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