Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Getais, anyone?

881! I love it!

Before I watched the movie I read reviews and people were gushing about how they're now going to lug their whole family to the getai.

I pish-poshed, thinking that while I expect a good movie from Royston Tan, I for one wasn't selling out THAT easily. Let's just say the idea of warbling old tunes for the dead in the gawdiest getups isn't going to cut it for me.

But Royston Tan did it. He made me want to sing in getais! ONLY if I get to wear whatever the movie's protaganists, the Papaya Sisters were wearing:

I even loved the performances of MTV VJs May and Choy. They were annoying as annoying can be, playing whiny rivals to the Papaya Sisters. They didn't annoy me though. Their concept was space age techno gear, I guess.

[Image credit: Zhaowei.com]

The getai performance final dramatic showdown was fun to watch because of the many costume changes both sides went through. I'd gladly watch this movie again and appreciate not only the elaborate, decadent, pleasingly gaudy costumes but the heartwarming storyline.

FYI, '881' sounds like 'papaya' when said in chinese (pa-pa-yao), cool eh?

One more thing, I'm hereby putting myself on a strict fast. No more shopping, no more junkfood, no more shopping, no more going out, no more shopping. Being broke stinks. I really really wanna go for Womad this weekend, but I can't even afford the student price :( If anyone would send a ticket my way I'd love you forever :)

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