Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Vivi Magazine: Oversized Blazers

Why is it that I have not bought Japanese magazines before?

I borrowed a friend's Vivi magazine, with super cool Namie Amuro on its cover. The number of clothes in there in incredulous! Pages after pages of clothes, shoes, bags, even hair and make-up tutorials!

It doesn't matter that I can't understand a word in there, the pictures are enough to keep me hooked on to it. I wanted to get the same issue but it was sold out, so I got JJ instead.

I was planning to do a collage of the things that I liked but since I don't have the time, instead of featuring the magazine in one post, I'll just do multiple posts, yaaay.

Namie Amuro on the cover.

My favourite out of her photospread, because of the jacket and the corset thing.

I really need an oversized blazer. I've been meaning to get one a long time ago but I simply could not find one that looks decent. I even went as far as to wanting to get a men's one instead, but the shoulders were waaaay too broad.

I'd kill for one of these perfect oversized blazers featured.

Speaking of all things Japanese [fine, so only the magazine, whatever] I also had a bit of a Japanese food invasion.

Cold Salmon Don.
For some reason I've been craving for Salmon. And I don't even like Salmon that much -_-

Salmon rice thingy at Pepper Lunch. Love it. This was after a movie and I actually left my wallet in the theatres.

Concerned friend: Let's go back now, maybe it's still there. We'll tell them to cancel our order [or something to this effect]
Me: Meh, let's wait for the food instead.

Fyi, went back after enjoying the meal, got my wallet back :) Like my wise *coughs* bestie aptly puts it, if it's meant to be lost, it's meant to be lost.

Uzumaki ice-cream that's overrated and over-priced. $4 per cone? I'd rather get gelato.
The bubble tea ice-cream doesn't taste like milk tea at all, the green tea ice-cream was better, but still not enough of the matcha taste.

Oh yes, Vivi even featured the Creative Zen Stone! Totally my sign to go get it now now NOW.

And helped switch me back to Singaporean mode, which is good because tomorrow is National DAY!!!

I should totally do a red and white post..... IF I could afford to deviate from crazy-ass project.

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