Thursday, October 19, 2006

Nerdy glasses

Go Fug Yourself loves the sexy librabrian look on Kirsten Dunst and so do I.

Actually I love the glasses. Been meaning to get one of those but never got around to it.

I remember seeing models wearing Max Mara glasses some time back but I can't recall where it is exactly.

They were quite large, but the rims weren't thick. Though they were more square than rectangular, it didn't look weird at all. Darn if I could only be bothered to flip through every magazine I have looking for the picture.

Found these Max Mara pair online though.

Not that my parents would ever give me money to buy them. Actually I don't think they'd give me money to buy any sort of glasses for that matter.
I already have two and I wear contacts, heh.

But still, I'll trudge down to good ol' ulu neighbourhood eyewear shops and find a cheap pair for less than $50 :).

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