Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I'll be on fire tomorrow! Promise!

Hey check me out, I'm on the laptop and it's not for schoolwork! Yay.

Sad I know, I've been extremmmmeeely busy, with last minute stuff so I apologise for not noticing you like I always do.

Anyway, I remember having a lot of things to blog about but as always I can't remember all of it. I'm going to do some much-needed online shopping that I've been deprived of past weeks and then get some early shut eye.

AAAh! Blogger is irritating! So I have this blog and another personal blog and somehow or rather the image uploading got crossed so I have to re-upload all my huge ass image files. Bah.

Tomorrow, I promise!

Just to remind myself:
1) Site feature
2) Miss Selfridge Sale
3) Transformers
4) Looking for outfits

Anything I missed? Probably. Meh, it'll come back. I hope.

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