Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Naketano - My Favourite Pieces

Naketano is an independent 2 year old streetstyle fashion label from Germany.

The concept they adopted is "Lieblingstile" which translates to Favourite Pieces for the rest of us non-german speaking folks. They understand that essentially, you have to like what you wear, so much so that "your piece changes your mood positively".

Very cool.

The collection itself interprets their concept beautifully, with just enough bright, vivid colours , always against a neutral background so nothing looks gaudy and everything looks timeless.

Which is a curious feat for Naketano, considering timeless-ness kinda goes against the bit of Flashdance vibe I'm getting from viewing their collection.

And ohh, the hoodies. How could I ever resist the hoody? Nakatano sure picked the right person to send their press release to this time.

Oh yeah, I'd feel positive in all of them.

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Moi said...

Very happy and upbeat clothes!