Saturday, July 21, 2007

Cloth-shopping and amateur-ish photography in Chinatown

I went cloth-shopping today and I came home satisfied. Chinatown is officially my favourite place to go cloth-shopping.

Perhaps more like it houses my favourite shop to buy cloth. It's a tiny shop with an amiable granny who tends the shop alone. She could have made me buy the whole shop if she wants me to because she was sweet and not-crabby and old. I can't refuse an old lady, come on.


I bought 3 pieces of cloth: off white cotton, hot pink cotton and linen, stripy cotton. I loovvvee.

My mom nagged because she's certain I won't make something out of them.
My friends rolled their eyes because they too are certain the cloth will end up under my bed untouched.

I shall prove them wrong!
Uh, make that I shall attempt to prove them wrong.

I almost cried as well because I accidentally deleted all the pictures in my digicam while trying to make space. So to stop my whining we made up for the lost pictures by taking some more.

Outfit for the day: White oversized shirt, light blue eyelet skirt.
I could've worn a belt for a neater finish but I simply didn't feel like it :)


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