Sunday, July 29, 2007

First and Last day of work

The title sounds a tad negative I know. But really I was only temp-ing so it was my last day at work.

Oh, oh, and of course, my first day as well. I can finally tell people I've worked a proper job. Although I don't see why people don't seem to want to consider my tutoring as a 'proper' job. Hmph.

Anyway, work was FUN! Tiring, but FUN.

Right so I was temp-ing at the Naf Naf boutique at Vivocity.
They needed people because they were doing a fashion show the very next day to launch the new line.

I would have gone for the show if I did not have school that I've already skipped countless times. Basically our jobs were to do stock clearance and, uh, replacing.

The boutique, almost empty with barely any clothes and zero customers, was closed earlier that usual.

As we await for the new stock to arrive, we decided to do a little of, uh, consumer behaviourism ourselves.

The dress was verrrrry low cut so my bra was showing hence the dorky pose -_-".

Basically Naf Naf is the french, more expensive version of Topshop with much less variety.

It was tough finding things I liked, except for this ultra luxurious white blazer jacker.

The purple tiered dress made for an interesting combo that I liked.
Very lux resort, yes?

My bestie's pumps were made out of this gorgeous black velvet that you just want to caress.
I loveeeee.

Back to work.

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