Saturday, July 07, 2007

Pretty accessories in Little India

A week of crazy-ass project work rush does nothing but paves way for another week of crazy-ass project work -_-

But I'm taking a break today, shall sleep earlier having gone through an all-nighter and planning to watch Transformers tomorrow because everyone's telling me how good the movie is.

Moving on.

My first and only visit ever to Mustafa Centre was a while ago, when my friends brought me to Little India area for some kick-ass fish head curry. The shopping centre was quite obviously tourist-targeted so I thought it was no big deal.

That is until I was at their knickknacks section.

I'm not much of an accessory person much less a bangle lover but these are worth getting.

Fake jade bangles!!! At merely a dollar each! Crazy.
And its not plastic, its glass I think, so it doesn't look nor feel cheap.

Many many many rows multi-coloured fake jade bangles!

There were also quite a number of these big colourful hairclips. Don't remember the exact price but it was pretty cheap as well.

Fish-head Curry crave anyone?

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