Monday, May 21, 2007

Relax, take it eaaaaassssyyy.

You know, I really like the message of this shirt. I don't abide by the phrase all the time, but I do hope to one day anyway.

Then Mika also did that song, "Relax, Take it Easy". And any song by super talented Mika, will make you just sing along [i try to be like grace kelly, hmmmmm mmmm]. So now that I have a mantra song thing, I can also have a nice shirt.

[Source: Cutie Fashion]

Sigh. Too bad for bad spelling.
Sometimes I wonder if they do it on purpose.

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ambika said...

Yeah, I never got the popularity of the engrish site. It seemed like half of the goofs had to be intentional. God knows it gets more attention.