Friday, May 25, 2007

T-shirts for the week are FUN

Today is a Friday, I have no school today, it marks the beginning of the GREAT SINGAPORE SALE, and guess what I'm doing now? Rushing assignments! Oh JOY.

Anyway, besides having affordable dresses, Forever21 has a nice selection of tshirts as well. I'm not really a tshirt person but I do enjoy looking at them.

I picked one for everyday of the week because it's fun.

For the day I feel like pissing people off.

Remember my griping about bad spelling?
Thank you Forever21.

For the day I go thrift shopping, of course.
Or when I feel cheap.

For the day I drool on myself.

For the day I stop believing in unicorns.

For the day I feel like a STAR!
Which is everyday anyway. Hmm.

For the day I... feel like twisting and shouting?

Well hello, it's Hello Kitty! You don't need a reason to wear Hello Kitty.
Look, she's [it?] mulatto, half white half black! Hahahahaaaaaa.

For the day I feel like Angelina Jolie.

You want to make a difference, wear a damn shirt.

For the day I feel like Britney's children.

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