Sunday, May 27, 2007

Colour Splash at Uniqlo

Yea ok, so not exactly designer [though I'm sure some would argue], but I really love this fashion editorial in Uniqlo's online newsletter.

It supposedly features active wear so it's all dynamic and fun yet gorgeous at the same time. It's sooooo full of crazy colours, LOVE it.

Hoody spot! I've gotta get me some of those short-sleeved hoodies! Next post!

Sort of fits my mood now. For some reason I'm feeling hyper - even my dad asked "why are you smiling to yourself so much?"


*Don't feel like dancing, dancing no sir no dancing today......*


Kori said...

wow i love that editorial! i wish there was a uniqlo near me. do they sell online at all?

Sha said...

i doubt so. there's not one in singapore as well so i can only gaze at them from afar too :(