Saturday, May 26, 2007

Blouses are new love

I've never paid much attention to short-sleeved blouses. Probably because they remind me of a teacher I once had who always seemed to wear such blouses.

However my recent swimming trips have not only developed the muscles on my legs[i could seriously feel them after swimming for 2 hours!], but also my appreciation for those blouses.

They're short-sleeved so it neutralizes the formality the collar would have brought. They're so darn easy to get into and out of as well. Now being the sale season and all, you know that becomes quite an important issue :)

These are from Forever21:

From Taiwan auciton sites there's quite a few of these super pretty chiffon see-through blouses that I really, really, reallllllyyyyyyyy like.

[Source: XiaoMei]

[Source: Cutie Fashion ]

You know what else, I kinda miss looking at designer wear. Next post perhaps?


Princess Shu said...

omg those models are so freakin cute! i think i may have to go buy some blouses after that post!

Sha said...

I KNOW! that's why its so fun for me to watch. can't help but feel silly if i try the cute model poses though :x.

have fun shopping!

Moi said...

The blouses are so pretty. I'm looking on ebay for blouses like these from sellers from Asia.