Sunday, May 13, 2007

I have no life but I have extreme high-waist jeans

I've been so bogged down lately. As I'm typing I'm procrastinating from finishing a report.

I did manage to squeeze in shopping time last weekend though, and even that was after a project meeting. Happy Mumsy's Day by the way.

Right, so popped by Topshop at Marina Square and one section was dedicated to clearance items! One thing though, no sizes for me.

I've always wanted to get paperbag wide-leg pants, and a lot were on clearance. They didn't have it in my size but I still tried some on for kicks.

I did spot ONE pair of jeans in my size, and I grabbed it immediately without bothering to look at it.

They were Ann-Sofie Back [pardon my ignorance but who?] for Topshop line and they were crazy high-waisted jeans. Now high-waisted tight things are one trend I'll never understand.

Basically it does nuts for the figure.

And gives me the longest and widest butt EVER.


It does have nice tapering, and I like the wash.
And like my friend said, "no need to worry about ugly buttcracks."

PLUS, it was bloody cheap. Hell, it's even cheaper than cheap jeans, heh.

I went home happy with good company and a pair of jeans, and ate some early mum's day cake with my mother while watching a horror movie. The week is salvaged :).


Peter Jensen

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Fashionasia said...

oh gosh...i really loathe high waist doesnt do justice to the butt at allllll