Thursday, May 31, 2007


Quick post now, I have a couple of tests tomorrow that I have barely prepared for.

Anyway, I think I'm going to start featuring local online shops more often. Yes, I know, it's about time.

The thing is though, I don't just notice these sites for having great stuff, but also because I find they have a great business marketing model. But that's another post altogether isn't it.

Should I be a little worried that schoolwork has integrated itself into my fun time?

Anyway, I present to you Candypulp.

It's an online shop livejournal thing that sells mainly accessories that I'm not fascinated about and specially imported clothes.

They bring in great pieces in verrrry limited quantities from Hong Kong. Needless to say their pieces fly off the shelf. Seems as though everytime I check them out, they're sold out.

I love looking at their collection. They're obviously hand-picked, and are very good runway versions that won't make the wearer look like a trendwhore.

I love that every piece, and I do mean EVERY piece looks exclusive.

[Source: CandyPulp]

Another giant plus would be that the items they bring don't look cheap at all yet the prices are relatively affordable. I'm thinking I'd rather buy something from them than go down to the likes of Zara or Mango, hmph.

I should probably do a whole interview and research and all that journalist junk, but that would be letting more work integrate into fun time. HAH.

Speaking of work.

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