Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Cute and Useful

Fred Flare is known for being a cute fest, but I didn't know they have a lot of wicked cool gadgets as well.

video iPod karaoke system

I'd kill for this if I actually owned a video iPod.
No more forced-to-stop karaoke systems! HA!

Peeps marshmallow maker

A really real marshmallow maker? Seriously?

red heart measuring tape

If I were some fashion designer wannabe I'd carry this around to measure cloth and stuff!

pink ladiez tool kit

Not that I'd actually USE it, but still, every household has to have one toolkit.
Besides this one is in pink. PINK!

Just because :)

N.E.E.T. Magazine's latest issue is out!

1 comment:

Moi said...

Holy crap, who know a tool kit could be this cute too!