Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Yay! is no longer email invites only!

A while ago I received an email invite to join this online fashion community. Checked it out only because I was bored and surprise, loved the place.

It's easy to use, has cool features and a neat clean layout. But I think what really got me was this high techy system whereby you click on body parts to indicate what type of thing you're putting up! Cool, yes?!

Anyway, it was because it was email invite only that I found it pointless to post online.

"TRENDMILL is a social network based website designed for people to interact with each other through fashion and art.

TRENDMILL is a profile based website that allows members to:
• Show off their style
• Sell their clothes and accessories
• Tip people as to where they buy the threads that make them so stylish.
• Help determine the next trends in fashion by rating what others upload."

My own page is empty though, hee. But I'll go do something about that soon enough.

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