Sunday, February 25, 2007

Fall '07 Wrap Up: Favourite Collections London

Pardon my lack of commentary for this entry! I am feeling a little sick because I had the craziest Chinese New Year feast with friends :).

I know! It's almost the end of Milan Fashion Week and I still have not covered London Fashion Week.

Truth is, London Fashion Week is not as exciting as New York. But nonetheless, I tried hard but I could only honestly say these.

1) Nathan Jenden

Easily my most favourite out of London Fashion Week.

While the pieces alone aren't that spectacular, the concept of the whole show is refreshingly different.

I love everything about the collection; the pretty prom dresses, the pouffy hair and veil, the platform shoes that you'd usually find on cosplayers.

2) Marc By Marc Jacobs

Not totally impressed, but the genius layering makes up for it. No more bag lady chic, this time the looks adopt a more luxurious feel with its material, cleaner lines, and neutral colours.

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