Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Locher's is Sugar and plenty of Spice

I absolutely love Locher's!

I got to know of Locher's from an email so needless to say it was with much scepticism. But from the introduction page onwards I was hooked.
Basically, Locher's is a new fashion label from Paris. It's designed for "those women that have come to terms with the little dirty pervert that resides within all of us".
The designer, Nicole Locher, created these tops to meet the needs of a woman that wants to be subtly noticed and recognized when someone gets close enough to read " the small print".
And how indeed. You see a top with a pretty cut and beautiful delicate Grandma-worthy embroidery, then come closer and read the print and BAM! Not so sweet after all. I LOVE.

One thing though, it's pretty expensive.

"Cute Little Fucker"

"I Love Porn"

They even have accessories:

"Petite Salope" sounds very romantic but really it means "little slut".
Go figure.

Do check the site out, at the very least you'll laugh yourself silly.


shophappy said...

Haha! Very cute!

Loopie said...

the first tee is soooo lovely! and your blog's amazing!