Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Style Arena Japan - 22-25 May 06

Nothing like a bit of weekly Japan fashion to unwind.

Innerwear as outerwear

I have a couple that I have yet to wear out because I keep forgetting but these are great ways to pull it off.

The ever versatile white nightgown. The jeans always work in dressing down/up(?) the night gown.

Layer it over a printed graphic tee.
Good tip: To create the illusion of curves wear a cardigan over the lingerie.

Hippie Bohemian

I'm sure we're all more acquainted with the bohemian look. The trick for wearing them now is to go dull instead of the usual bright garish colours. Incorporate plenty of browns, blacks, and greys.

A more cleaner weekend look.

Tie-dye always spells hippie. I love the beige jacket. It nicely neutralises the outfit.

My favourite look of the lot. I love those slouchy baggy cargos that look too darn comfortable.

The Men

I like the selection from this week's style arena.

I like his t-shirt but he could do with less accessorising.
He's got the bitchy model look down, loves it.

Tough but not intimidating. The ruched vest shirt, cargo pants and the boots totally work.

I want to kill men who use tote bags because most of the time they look like they have their girlfriend's purses on their shoulders. But I most definitely will not scoff at him.

If you're the male who likes toting bags, your best bet would be to pick something in black, and have it in leather.

"Don't mess with the pretty boy! Rowr!"
Sorry can't help myself.

He looks so cool.
Just piece together a blazer, giant headphones, a beanie and a nice goatee.

The Rest

Love this high-low look. The blazer and silk scarf is appropriate for work, while the tailored berms and sneakers dresses it down.

I commend their choice of hatwear. Especially her newspaper boy cap.
I still don't have one because I can't find one that fits my head without breaking my budget.

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