Saturday, May 27, 2006

Pirate-d out.

I've never been fascinated with the Alexander McQueen scarf.

I did see a lady wear a read one on her neck around town last week, and it did look nice, but not nice enough for me to want to blow big money on.

But then I witness this great enchantment in the form of Johnny Depp.

Dang. Now I really, really, REALLY, want an Alexander McQueen Skull scarf.

But seriously though, POTC 2 is coming out pretty soon and I have no outfit. Initially I wanted to wear a nice skull top but now I see them everywhere and usually of the same label *coughZARAcough*.

So I'll turn boho ala Cap'n Jack Sparrow.

Easy enough look to pull. All I need is a floaty white blouse, a vest, a lot of scarves for the head and the waist, and straggly hair.

What if I decide to feel girly but have a deflection reaction towards the boho skirts?

Then it's time to go shopping for a similar dress as the one Kiera Knightley's wearing.

Can I still have this Luella top, though?

I love the pirate for being cute and quirky instead of scary but chic.

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