Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Perfect Travel Shoes

I have found the perfect travelling shoes! Pretty, comfortable, compactable! Check this out:

It looks better in real life, trust me. It is colour reflective so when you walk people would be entranced by it an wonder what its real colour really is. At least I would.

You see! It's murky green-wait! no! it's deep purple! Oh no, wait - bah, who cares, let's all stare and drool...

It's dark coloured, so you can match it with anything you choose to bring on your travels, it's comfortable because it's made of soft rubber, and also because of the same reason you can fold it and ta-dah! saves space! Loves it!

It comes in this mystical colour, silver and gold. I'd be getting the gold ones because Piz already bought this one. Retailing at $39.90 at Novo.

There were other quirky awesome shoes as well, the brand is Melissa if I'm not mistaken. I saw candy coloured rubber heels, gold gladiator slippers and wicked heavily structured wedges! Go crazy!

I, on the other hand, shan't go crazy. Still too sick x_x

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